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December 2011

Welcome to my WordPress Blog…

I established this Blog after being notified that Google was shutting down its Google Knol service in Mid 2012, (where I had posted a professional document on building broadband wireless networks for municipalities).   They enabled a transfer feature to allow me to transfer over to WordPress and utilize a new WordPress template called Annotum that enables a number of additional features for publishing scientific publications and professional articles and documents.  Looks like a well thought-out solution, so I wanted to test drive it…

Here is info on Annotum if you are interested:  http://www.annotum.org/

So from time to time, I will be adding both historical as well as current professional documents that I have produced that are not proprietary and will be open-source in nature.  I will use this platform to support current as well as future client work and consulting engagements and projects.


Mike Schmidt, CEO

Ensemble Ventures, LLC

If you would like to reach out and contact me do so using the contact form below.  I am always open to exploring new business opportunities and assisting Start-up and Development Stage Entrepreneurs with both existing and new product or service offerings…

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